Friday, July 22, 2005

RECENT WORK (ck, read comment)


vanessa paradis said...

I’m producing this new work about tattoos/bruisers on women.
(marks on women bodies)
They are not all naked…some of the images I draw they are dressed and the tattoos only cover their arms and hands. So, first I would like to know what do you think about the visual result, second, can you send me some images to work with? They must be black and white, a little bit retro (from 60 to 95 it’s fine) and interesting…
I will use this work for an art show in August and I feel a little anguish about it (for several reasons).

vanessa paradis said...

Ups, I forgot...
The images must be on paper.
Send them by mail…please!

Anonymous said...

I really like it from the visual point of view. It's different. Especially this cyan/magenta combo. Besides you create two levels of content with it you smart pirate! You can tell a loooot of stories with it. I would be aware of the picture style. Try to find 1 picture style you're combining with 1 story of your drawings and 1 style/color for the body parts level. Know what I mean? Your work is getting way more difficult with it, but the result would be in a style and story that differ by first glance.
1 drawing style
1 picture style
1 color story level
1 color bodyparts level
x3 = 3 stories/ rooms/ walls in a exhibition

Sorry for being a concept-dumbass but I have to.
I'll search for pictures.


vanessa paradis said...

I understand your idea. This afternoon I did more pics like this. I still have to search for what I want with them. This is not it.
I asked you and my sister to send me new images because I’m out of soft.porno.retro.mags to draw. Can you please see if you can find some? Pleeease!

ck said...

Honestly I've no soft-porn-pics. No retro, no nothing. When I stumble about some, I'll let you know.

Anita said...

I've just sent by post a pic of a nice/retro/50's lady. Is not porn the slightest. If you were accepting color would be easier. Anyway, I went into all 2nd hand shops in town and that's all I found. We might be luckier in London.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ler todo o blog, muito bom