Saturday, April 05, 2008

On a silent summer evening
The sky's alive with light
Building in the distance
Surrealistic sight
On Echo Beach
Waves make the only sound
On Echo Beach
There's not a soul around

"Although Mark Gane was not aware of a real "Echo Beach" when he wrote the song in 1978, several people wrote to him asking if it was about a beach in their local area. However, Echo Beach, as mentioned in the song, does not refer to a real beach but is rather a symbolic notion of somewhere the narrator would rather be, somewhere 'far away in time'. In reality, the song was thought of while Gane was working checking wallpaper for printing faults. He found this rather dull and his mind drifted to times he would rather be reliving. One such time was an evening spent at Sunnyside Beach on the shoreline of Lake Ontario in Toronto in summer."

"While I was a student at the Ontario College of Art, I got a job one summer at a paint and wallpaper factory. Whenever the huge wallpaper presses made errors in the printing run, it was my job to separate the good wallpaper from the stuff that had been damaged or misprinted. It was the kind of job where your head didn't have to know what your hands were doing, which allowed me to think and daydream for hours at a time. I often thought of places I had been or would like to be - anywhere but there! It was there that the germ of the song was born. Since the idea of a wallpaper quality control checker was too obscure for the lyrics, I used an office clerk which seemed more universal. Most of the second verse was inspired by a summer's evening spent at Sunnyside Beach on the shoreline of Lake Ontario in Toronto. The lake and beach could have been in the middle of nowhere while the city behind
became a "surrealistic sight".
While Echo Beach did not exist for me as a real location, I used it as a symbol of the place everyone wants to escape to when they're not where they want to be.
Mark Gane"

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