Saturday, September 15, 2007

+++DO MARIO+++

"The New York Times Sunday Magazine recently devoted an issue to what they referred to as 'the new bohemia.' In paging through it I was struck by the fact that every person it featured had something to sell, and that whatever genuine meaning the word 'bohemia' once had has been completely drained away by contemporary forces. Things may come clothed in the image of rebellion [...] but that idea of truly separating yourself, or crafting a life detached from the dominant culture has been lost." de um ensaio de Lorraine Wilde no Design Observer.

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Do mesmo sítio saquei este excerto:
"The bohemianism of Berman’s community was rooted in an independence based on valuing a life of the mind and a life of beauty, and they were willing to pay the full price of admission to live that way. They didn’t choose to live the way they did in order to be admired, and didn’t care if they were on anybody’s radar. The notion of anonymity — which is something the Berman circle cherished — is completely anathematic to artists today. Maybe it’s just too frightening right now."

Alguém comenta?

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