Monday, July 07, 2008

TREINO POÉTICO: enviar ao meu cuidado.
- O talento, por seu lado, é subjectivo...
- “Cercado pelas ondas do oceano e areia, esse farol emerge da costa para guiar os navios à noite”, quantos faróis existem em Portugal? TPC
- 23 July 1912 After being questioned by the police, it is discovered that Delaure Frolaine's real name is Mlle. Prolaine Delarre, a Parisian seamstress. During questioning, she gives her reason for vandalizing the work by saying, "I am miserably hungry and have been unable to find work. I often go to the Louvre, and the sight of the young woman in the picture with a happy smile and luxurious clothes maddened me. I decided to mutilate her hateful face in the hope that perhaps after that people would notice me and save me from starving." With that she added, "The picture displeased me and I wished to correct what I considered wrong."
(Cabinet Magazine)

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