Tuesday, October 09, 2007


it's very difficult for me to understand you...
Are you sure you want to maintain any contact?
Whatever is in your mind, please let me know what kind of dialogue we can have.
I wish to know your idea for the next project.
And if you want I can send you a feedback.
all the best, XX
I don't like that painting because I wrote there "Fuck Here" (Fode
Aqui) and I erased it in order to sell it...the title is still the
same!...but now it's only a landscape!
It doesn't even look like mine!

Should I believe you? Are you lying?
If you are feeling annoyed you should go out more times and get away from art scene once in a while! Anyway, I always felt I didn't know you enough to find out what could amuse you!

In my case, I'm terribly simple, I get a good time easely by doing my things and annoyng the others...
all the best, XX

I did like it at the beginning but I think it's too abstract for me...
I'm sure I will get back to them very soon.

Yesterday I stayed until late at night doing a poster for a mask party
organized by the school I work for...and I used a cat! You may like
all the best, XX


mm?it´s me? said...

we can always speak about François Truffaut..

isabel carvalho said...

Which one are you?
If you want...It's a good topic!
thank you for the reply...

mm me said...

I`m the one who delected the comment on the other post.
asking lalala mes amis.

isabel carvalho said...